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Brexit - What you should know..

Britain’s historic vote to leave the EU is instantly one of the most important political and economic stories of the 21st century. Its implications will impact businesses, and the accountants who help run them, all over the globe. We’ll be bringing you extensive coverage of this story and related developments in the days to come. In the meantime, here is a collection of the most insightful coverage that we’ve seen so far.
The prognosis: Economic uncertainty It’s hard to say exactly what Brexit will mean specifically for your company or clients. But The Economist has a theory about what the development will entail for the world’s economy – and it’s not encouraging.
Five ramifications of the UK’s exit In this piece, the Financial Times offers a brief synopsis of potential consequences of the referendum. But that’s just a starter. FT has created a referendum page on its site chockablock with coverage. The offerings include a look at 11 factors that could have contributed to the decision t…