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Free Wi-Fi... "Outernet"

A US company is planning to build an 'Outernet' - a global network of cube satellites broadcasting Internet data to all the people on the planet - for free.

The idea is to offer free Internet access to all people, regardless of location, bypassing filtering or other means of censorship, according to the New York based non-profit organisation, Media Development Investment Fund (MDIF).

MDIF proposes that hundreds of cube satellites be built and launched to create a constellation of sorts in the sky, allowing anyone with a phone or computer to access Internet data sent to the satellites by several hundred ground stations.

The organisation claims that 40 per cent of the people in the world today are still not able to connect to the Internet - and it's not just because of restrictive governments such as North Korea - it's also due to the high cost of bringing service to remote areas, '' reported.

An Outernet would allow people from Siberia to parts of the w…

Sometimes you need to go further, to get closer


A Silent Melody

This romantic short film titled “A Silent Melody” has been produced by actor Sundeep Kishan. Considering it’s Valentine’s Week, the film will surely strike a chord with everyone!

It is the right time for Pietersen's exit

Kevin Pietersen's England career is over after omission from squads for the West Indies and the 2014 World Twenty20

English or South African? Problem or solution? Villain or victim?

Kevin Pietersen's talent has never been a doubt or the value he brings to a cricket team yet question marks littered his 10-year stint as 'England's best batsman'.

His turbulent, brilliant and seldom dull international career finally looks to be over after he was left out of the England squad for the Caribbean tour and the 2014 World Twenty20.

There has been tolerance of his 'difficult' self-centred character because of the runs he scored and the style he brought to the England set-up. But the controversy and fall-outs just would not go away.

He came into the England fold in 2004 in a blaze of runs and colourful shotmaking but his motives were questioned by some. Why was a man who tried and failed to break into the South African team - he should have been given more opportunity …

The new Microsoft: How Satya Nadella will transform the company

Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s former cloud head and its new CEO, learned a lot about leadership playing cricket in Hyderabad, India.

One incident has stuck with him his entire career, he told Indian daily newspaper the Deccan Chronicle last July. As member of his public school’s cricket team, he was bowling some “really ordinary stuff” when his captain decided to intervene. The captain took the ball and bowled a stellar pitch, delivering the team a much-needed breakthrough, then he tossed it back to Nadella.

“I will never forget that,” said the Microsoft executive.

The result of that lesson has manifested itself throughout Nadella’s lengthy tenure at Microsoft: When things aren’t going well — or even when they’re just ordinary — he knows it’s time to intervene.

But Microsoft is no cricket field; it’s a technology giant slowly lumbering into a cloudy, mobile world. Under Nadella, who Microsoft announced as its third-ever CEO this morning, Microsoft’s cloud and mobile initiatives will lik…