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What to say !!

Depression doesn't play favorites. Men and women, the young and the old, and even those people who seemingly have everything can suffer from the complex disorder that makes all facets of life just so hard.

While most mental illnesses are quite rare, major depression is exceedingly common. Nearly 7 percent of American adults —an estimated 16 million people in 2013 — had at least one major depressive episode, according to the National Institute of Mental Health.

As common as it is, the stigma around depression persists, which is why it matters when celebrities and other well-known people reveal their own struggles. Just this month, in an interview with Billboard magazine, Lady Gaga said she has suffered with depression and anxiety her whole life, "every single day." "Nashville" actress Hayden Panettiere revealed she sought treatment for postpartum depression. And Sarah Silverman opened up about her battles with depression in a piece in Glamour magazine.

The chan…